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Lehigh Valley, PA. including; Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton & surrounding areas.

In today’s economy we all must make sacrifices at ECO (within reason) will work with the budget available. We are competitive with any other company’s estimate to ensure the best possible quote for the homeowner.
ECO Owner-Operator - Anthony Messina
Why should you hire ECO TREE SERVICE?

We never ask for a deposit
Deposits are commonly used to purchase materials or supplies, therefore, there is always never a valid reason for a service company to require one. And, with some thought it is never in the homeowner’s best interest.


Call & schedule a Request an Estimate Today estimate for your tree care. We also offer senior discounts. We will beat any reasonable estimate from any competitor.

With ECO, the Homeowner deals with only one person, the owner-operator throughout the whole process to ensure complete satisfaction:

A competitor may have several workers completing these tasks that can easily lead to miscommunication ie; Worker cutting down the wrong tree

ECO is fully insured. We carry auto liability & also workman’s compensation.

If you hire an uninsured company, you the homeowner can be held liable. I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to verify that a company is properly insured

On the Day of the estimate we provide a written estimate that contains:

Job requirements


Our contact information

Most important, our insurance information

Other companies may not even provide a proper letterhead with their estimate. Some just verbalize the estimate, in-turn this could lead to serious misunderstandings & miscommunications between the homeowner and contractor.

How to Verify Insurance

The homeowner must call their carrier. ID cards can be out of date or even forged. Ask if they have policies covering

  • Auto- which covers vehicles
  • Liability- damage to properties
  • Workman’s compensation, which cover injuries to employee

Note some companies may use 1099 forms this is meant for subcontractors not employees or say they have no employees tree work completed by one person is very difficult.

Ask for a certificate to be mailed to you there is no charge for this service. If any of these are not listed on the certificate you as the homeowner can be held liable.

Most homeowners are unaware or simply turn a blind eye to the dangers of hiring an uninsured company in order to save money.

At ECO we simply ask that you to contact your homeowners insurance carrier and inform yourself of the consequences of hiring a uninsured company. I am confident that the burden these companies pose on the homeowners is never worth the money saved.

Tree Industry Regulations

Most homeowners are unaware that the tree industry here in the Lehigh valley has no residential standardized test to complete in order to become a tree service.

The burden falls on the homeowner to research each company they might use. Proof of insurance, referral, work experience, & any other questions the homeowner may have should be answered with concise answers.

Remember the only way to assure you that the insurance information is valid is to contact their insurance carrier directly.

ECO Tree Services - Lehigh Valley PA

Serving the Lehigh Valley including Allentown, Bethlehem & surrounding areas
Complete tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, spring & fall clean up,
light landscaping, mowing (select areas) & mulching.

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